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Traffic Statistics with myTraffiStar: Statistical Evaluation and Data Visualization made Easy

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The myTraffiStar platform provides a complete overview of the statistical traffic data from your Jenoptik traffic violation enforcement system. You obtain clear statistics that enable you to evaluate the success of your traffic safety program, and analyze the volume and behavior of traffic on particular sections of the road. The helpful graphics and reports let you evaluate information quickly and effectively. Using the subscription function you can select received data by email on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis so that you always have up-to-date information on your safety systems.

The information gained by myTraffiStar contains statistics only - no personal information is recorded so it is compliant with data protection requirements. ?myTraffiStar transfers data directly to your computer via USB or a network connection. Your regular web browser can be used to view statistical traffic information and upload new data. myTraffiStar opens up many options for evaluating traffic statistics.

Menu Items in myTraffiStar Traffic Statistics

  • Main menu: An overview of the relevant measurement data for the last thirty days. Other data sources such as additional measuring instruments at new locations can be added quickly. Rental equipment that you use during calibration is already created so that no gaps appear in your traffic statistics
  • Real-time analysis: Helpful graphics give you a quick overview of current evaluations
  • Traffic statistics: View the key traffic figures. These include speed limit violations, average speeds and the 85 speed percentile value. You can immediately recognize whether your controls are improving traffic safety
  • Through traffic: In addition to registered speed violations, the statistics also provide information on the volume of traffic and how the data interrelates. In just a few clicks, these statistics can also be compared with one another by annual or even hourly values
  • Characteristic values: Detailed information on the maximum, average and 85 percentile speeds of all passing vehicles
  • Comparative statistics: Individual characteristic values, broken down by measuring stations, enable you to compare different locations with one another


  • Quick overview of data: myTraffiStar provides helpful graphics and reports.
  • Increase efficiency: Check how effective your traffic monitoring process is at all times.
  • Compare measuring stations: The traffic statistics provide an overview of the various measuring stations and enable these to be compared with one another.
  • Always up-to-date: New information can be accessed automatically via the subscription function, keeping you constantly up-to-date.

Fields of Application

  • Police and municipal authorities: Evaluate and use traffic data over long periods of time for measuring station analyses, traffic flow analyses for deployment plans, etc.

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